Conditions of acceptance of goods for auction:

  1. Goods will be entered in the appropriate auction as decided by the auctioneers. The proceeds of sale can be collected from eight days after each sale, otherwise all funds will be sent via BACS within four weeks of the sale. There may be a delay in payment if items are not paid for by the buyer.
  2. Commission: 20% on all items. Minimum charge £5 per lot.
  3. Goods collected by our carrier will be subject to a carrier charge that will be deducted from the proceeds of sale and agreed with the vendor prior to collection.
  4. The Seller warrants to the auctioneers and to the buyer that he is the true owner of the goods or is properly authorised to sell the goods by the true owner and is able to transfer good title to the goods free from any third party claims. The Seller indemnifies the auctioneer and the buyer against any loss or damage suffered by either, in consequence of any breach of this condition by the seller.
  5. All goods are put up for sale without reserve unless written instructions are agreed. Reserves will be adhered to within 10% auctioneer’s discretion. Unless otherwise agreed any goods failing to reach their reserve may be re-offered in a subsequent auction at the auctioneer’s discretion.
  6. Items withdrawn by a vendor prior to a sale may be subject to a fee of 25% of the expected selling price or reserve.
  7. An electrical testing fee of £4 per item plus VAT may be charged.
  8. The seller warrants all electrical and mechanical goods, unless otherwise agreed with the auctioneers, to be in working order or reasonably fit for their intended use. In the case of goods discovered after the sale not to conform to the above warranty, the auctioneers reserves the right to withhold payment to the seller and to resell or dispose of the goods subsequently without notification of the same to the seller.
  9. The auctioneers reserve the right to re-offer for sale on behalf of the seller any goods for which payment is not received through default of the buyer.
  10. The auctioneers reserves the right to re-offer, re-cycle or dispose of any items that fail to sell. Any items of an unsaleable nature may be disposed of before an auction. A charge for disposal may be made.
  11. The seller hereby agrees to forfeit any interest that may be earned on proceeds of sale.
  12. Items consigned are insured under our office/saleroom policy and we are responsible to you for damage or loss according to the terms of this insurance (available on request). We agree that the amount insured is the expected or realised auction sale price or agreed reserve net of charges, not exceeding the current market value.

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